Thursday, December 23, 2010

SQL Scripts Manager a free tool from Red Gate

Red Gate's new "SQL Scripts Manager" is available for free download. 

This tool contains over 28 scripts written by expert DBAs, SQL Server MVPs, and Red Gate's SQL developers., to help you streamline monotonous administration and scripting tasks. 

You can easily customize this tool for using your own script.

You can view the description about scripts used, script source and author information.

Download SQL Scripts Manager now and start benefitting from the collective wisdom of these experts – and sharing your own scripts with the SQL Server community – today.

This will be really a very useful and handy tool for DBAs.

The following are the scripts available:

  1. SQL FileGroup SpaceUsed  
  2. Monitoring Plan Cache    
  3. CPU Utilization    
  4. IO Stalls    
  5. Top Resource Waits    
  6. Buffer Cache Hit Ratio    
  7. Object Read Write Ratio    
  8. Top Cpu Intensive Queries    
  9. Database Backup    
  10. Database Integrity Check    
  11. Deploy Maintenance Scripts    
  12. Index Maintenance    
  13. CallProc Template    
  14. InsertInto Template    
  15. Select From Table    
  16. Table Valued Function Template    
  17. Update Templates    
  18. Ping    
  19. Full And Log Backups In Past X Days    
  20. Last Good Database Backup    
  21. Read Error Logs The DBA Way    
  22. Blocking Transactions    
  23. Investigating Fragmented Indexes    
  24. Who Is Running What    
  25. Get Hit Ratio  
  26. Get Partitioned DBs  
  27. Get Tables With No Clustered Index
  28. Get Version And Uptime  

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